Forthcoming: Jane Chang Mi October 4 

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MARATHON SCREENINGS is a series of salon-style film & video presentations that invites international and LA-based artists to share their work and engage in meaningful dialogue. Taking place at a residence or nonprofit art space, each screening includes a communal dinner and open conversation with the artist and visiting moderator. The program includes films that range from short, conceptual videos to feature-length experimental documentaries, as well as performances and lectures. Intimate and thoughtful, the gatherings allow for invited artists to connect with attending participants and generate critical discussions while sharing a meal. Highlighting minority voices, the films uncover issues surrounding individual identity, representation, and historical consciousness in a shifting geopolitical landscape.  

The series is produced by independent curator Asha Bukojemsky. BIO here

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Jane Chang Mi, ゴジラ /ɡɒdˈzɪlə/, 2020, Single-channel video, 96 min

If you believe in the end of structuralised racism, police brutality and greater equality for black communities
please visit Black Lives Matter and consider donating to the following funds (this is just a small sampling):
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How to support black-owned businesses: Finimpac

If you wish to better educate yourself: How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X.Kendi 
( as well as his own complied reading list )
Remember, No One Is Coming to Save Us by Roxane Gay
Me and White Supremacy by Layla F.Saad