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MARATHON SCREENINGS is a series of salon-style film & video presentations that invites international and LA-based artists to share their work and engage in meaningful dialogue. The program includes films that range from short, conceptual videos to feature-length experimental documentaries, in addition to performances and lectures. The films discuss issues surrounding individual identity, representation, and historical consciousness in a shifting geopolitical landscape.

Note from the Curator: What began as an intimate gathering in my living room has since grown to include a roving series hosted by art-loving individuals in their homes, nonprofit art spaces, and now Zoom. The series was born from a casual conversation and a desire to give video art the platform it deserves. It has since grown to accommodate a growing appetite for presenting talented and challenging work in a non-hierarchical environment. With an emphasis on engaged, organic conversations, the screenings took place around a communal dinner, and plenty of wine. While Covid-19 has removed this wonderful feature, it has since introduced a new opportunity to connect with moderators and participants from all over the world. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you in person, but until then let’s savor this sliver lining and consider what we can do to make this world a more welcoming and safe home for everyone. Happy New Year!  

The series is produced by LA-based curator Asha Bukojemsky. BIO here

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Abigial Collins
Out of Play, 2018, single-channel video. 21min

Out of Play In this video shots of military training exercises within Medina Wasl, one of twelve simulated Iraqi villages at San Bernardino County’s Fort Irwin Training Center, are interspersed with footage of film set fabricators working in a warehouse. Resonances emerge between special effect techniques of the Hollywood film industry and those employed for producing realistic enactments of military combat scenarios. Complementing these scenes are audio clips of interviews between the artist and an Iraqi role player at Fort Irwin. This role player performed the role of the police chief of Medina Wasl for eight years, living in character for each training session. 

The next section presents a conversation between the artist and her father, an actor who has played military personnel in both film and television productions. The two discuss the evolution of his method acting techniques over several decades while clips from episodes of JAG, in which he appeared as the Secretary of the Navy, play on a computer screen in the Collins family home. In the final chapter, the artist’s father attempts to apply his acting strategies to a read-through of an official court martial transcript from Desert Storm. As the camera records him, he decides in real time how his recitation might account for the unknowability of specific words and phrases redacted by the Department of Defense.            
- Text by Jeanne Dreskin

Abigail Raphael Collins is an interdisciplinary artist working with video, installation and photography. Her work troubles documentary, journalistic, and conceptual practices to reconsider relationships between media and systemic violence. She received her MFA from UCLA, 2015 and BFA from Cooper Union, 2009. Recent exhibitions include: Angels Gate Cultural Center, PØST, Torrance Art Museum, USC Station Gallery, and Yeosu International Art Festival. She is the recipient of the Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship, UCIRA grant, and a former resident at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon.